Welcome on the Homepage of Peter Heinzig
UPDATE: 08/04/18

As pensioner I finally have time for my hobby!
I write programs in GFA-BASIC 32 for Windows (GB32). Besides particular applications,
also programs developed, which could be useful for others, especially for programmers.
I would like to introduce some of them here.

I work with WIN-XP. The programs works in the XP-style and in the style win-classical.
How the programs work with other operating systems is not known to me.

These programs could
be from general interest.
Therefore GB32-source-files
and EXE-files are available.

Important hint:
EXE-files only run if
GfaWin23.OCX is loaded.
This file must be located in the
same directory as the EXE-file

Some Exe-files necessitate
"GfaWin23.Ocx" V.
With older versions, mistakes
appear in TextBox, if is worked
in the XP-style.

10/21/07 Ico_Cur_Resourcen
09/02/05 FindSound
12/11/05 ImageOverview
12/11/02 SearchMachine
07/24/08 SearchMachine 2
06/08/11 SearchMachine 3
09/03/12 ScreenCopy
09/03/12 Scale
08/06/06 BiEditor
04/17/07 Internet-Address

Examples for GB32-Programmer
04/06/02 G32Analysis List variable of a GB32-program on
07/03/11 Sprite 10 x picture-animations
01/10/02 Timetest Time-behavior differently GB32-picture-orders
11/01/06 Picture-treatment Edit brightness, contrast, colors. 2 Demos
06/29/02 Big images Image > screen. Zoom, display, save
04/24/02 Save_GIF_JPG Save images as *.bmp, *.gif or *.jpg
many formats load and save
pictures flip, rotate, size alters,
invert, brightness, contrast, gamma,
red -, blue -, green-share alters
05/20/04 Image with text Image and text in ONE image-file
05/15/07 3D - Objects Frame, box, button... with ONE SUB
06/02/02 Button forms 5 examples
04/30/02 ListView 2 examples
08/04/09 ListView-Edit Edit, insert, attach, delete
06/27/01 Inputfilter Wrong-inputs prevent
03/21/02 WAIT Wait-loops with tmin = 1ms
12/11/05 CommandLine Utilization from _DosCmd$
12/11/05 Ocx in title-line Set Ocx in title-line from a Form
06/21/06 AlphaBlend +
with msimg32.dll (ONLY FOR WIN-2000 AND WIN-XP)
07/02/06 Picture-effects sharpen, soft-draw, ...
07/06/06 Tooltip_multiline with only one small Sub
06/21/06 Transparencies windows with ONLY FOR WIN-2000 AND WIN-XP
11/01/06 2 PlgBlt - Demos Pictures flip, rotate, brightness, contrast, color ...
07/24/08 XP-Style in GB-Editor, treatment Exe, mistakes in GB
01/07/08 OpenGL with GB32 Integration OpenGL in GB32
02/10/08 Data exchange between programs with wsock32.dll,
FileMap and Sendmessage. Demos
12/24/08 Draw ball 3 variations
02/14/09 2 Demo to GDIplus.dll Some basis-functions with variation 1.0
Load, save, effects with variation 1.0 and 1.1
25.03.09 ListView-Kit ListView 3: Cells address, sorting, editing.
Block-manner utilization for own programs.
Comments in German language.
06/03/09 ListView_Sort Demo a new sort method after S. Hamstra
08/04/18 ListView-CellColor Set background- and/or text-color of individual
ListView-cells. 7 demos.
02/15/10 Ocx_transparency Ocx-Inside-area transparently represents
02/15/12 UpdateLayeredWindow a special window which can show different
transparency. Several examples.
07/11/11 WEB - Form WEB - forms per program fills
Work with CreateObject
07/16/11 Alternative for
StretchBlt is to reduce from pictures/cuttings
inappropriate because picture mistakes appear.
Alternatives with time test are shown.
02/12/12 PopUp per API with more possibilities than GB32-PopUp
07/06/12 FTP-Demo for example for the care of the own Homepage

05/21/10 GFA-PLUS Expansions of the GB32 - command-scope

The programs are free for private utilization. A guarantee for flawlessness cannot be given.
Bug-reports, criticism or suggestions are welcome. Of course, I also accept thanks-letter gladly.

Contact: hinz.kunz@freenet.de
GFA-Basic Download: http://gfabasic32.blogspot.com

wishes all users much success!